English diary 2023/11/19

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Today I went out for ramen with a friend.

My friend told me that it was “a ramen that goes well with rice,” and when I actually tried it, I found that it was indeed delicious, with a flavor that made me want rice.

The flavor was strong, but not too strong, and I drank all of the broth. The strong flavor was just right when eaten with rice, and I think it was an excellent match with the rice.

There was also a menu item called TKM (Tamago Kake Men), which consisted of noodles without soup and a raw egg on top. It is a noodle version of egg on rice, if I may say so.

I had been curious about this dish ever since I saw it on a youtube, but I never thought I would come across it here. I ordered more TKM without a second thought.

TKM was also very tasty; I thought TKM was just noodles with a raw egg on top, but there was a pool of soy sauce sauce underneath the noodles, and the noodles, egg, and soy sauce sauce were stirred together in a style of eating.

The taste and way of eating the rice was similar to that of egg rice, and I never got tired of it. TKM was also a great accompaniment to the rice.

I am not a big fan of strong flavored ramen, but I liked the taste of this restaurant.

“Ganso Nikutamasoba Ochi”, I would you like to go back and try it again.

Nikutamasoba(ordinary size) and rice(small)
TKM lemon(ordinary size)











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